Bring it on!

21495666 - kids playing in the roomIf you’re like a lot of parents right now, you’re hitting the box stores, loading up on everything from pens and notebooks to dorm bedding and microwaves. It comes with the territory as kids of all ages head back to school.

But here’s something you won’t find on that ever-growing list of supplies, though it goes far in helping your students succeed. Make sure they leave the house with WellVia in their back pocket. That’s right, the telehealth service that keeps board-certified, U.S.-based physicians on call 24/7, 365 days a year, to handle your non-emergency medical issues.

What you might not have realized when you sign up is that your spouse and children have access as well; up to six dependents, including kids through age 26 are included for less than $10 a month.

Think of the possibilities, at every grade level!

  • Preschool: If you’ve ever had a child in preschool, you know illnesses can run through the room like wildfire. If one gets a cold, so does her 10 closest friends. There are precautions you can take, such as teaching your little guy to wash his hands often, making sure his vaccines are up to date, and keeping him home when he’s sick. And, at the first sign of a dripping nose or diarrhea, you can set up a consultation with one of WellVia’s doctors. For a $30 consultation fee, you’ve got this beat!
  • Elementary: Did you know a 2014 study found that early elementary students who arrived at class academically ready to learn but missed 10 percent of the school year to absenteeism scored 60 points below their peers in their schoolwork? At the first sign of non-emergency medical issues, set up a consultation with a WellVia physician. You don’t have to hold off to see if it will go away on its own, and no waiting for the primary doctor to fit you in when it doesn’t. Since the doctor comes to you within minutes via your electronic devices, there’s less missed school, too!
  • Middle School: These are exciting yet challenging years in your children’s lives. They’re moody; their self-esteem can be shot down with a withering look from their peers and the next day, they’re almost euphoric. Keep lines of communication open and monitor their interactions, especially if you suspect they are being bullied at school. If they complain about the stomachaches and headaches that sometimes come with the drama of that age, WellVia is there to ease the pain.
  • High School: OK, they’re probably too cool for all of this now. But these are the same kids, whether they want to admit or not, who don’t want to miss the social interactions that come with school. There’s nothing like a virtual doctor to walk you through the non-emergency aches and pains that sometimes come with school athletics. WellVia has you covered!
  • College: Here’s where WellVia really shines! When your sons and daughters head off to college, it’s harder for you to always be there for them. But now, with WellVia, you’ve given them on-call treatment, just a few clicks away. Without the high costs and time restraints of urgent care visits for non-emergency issues, they can address health concerns without hesitation, before it develops into something more serious!

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